Saturday, November 14, 2009

sounds wierd..but i mean it

it is 3.40 am.
im wathcing supernatural
the seventh episode of the first season.

i have been waiting for quite sometime
for the download to be complete
at last i get to watch it.

but somehow, i can't keep my head into
whatever it is that i am watching,
because somehow, my mind kept on wondering
what really happened?

you have not responded
although how much i've tried to reach you.

i tried to let it go
but it seemed i couldn't
because to me
our bond was, IS precious
i don't know what really happened
but i am hoping that
everything will be alright soon enough.

hope to be as close as brothers
would've been again.

i know this sounds stupid..
but..i just can't loose a friend like you
a brother like you

you know who you are

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