Friday, March 19, 2010

just babbling

im not so good at that..
really i mean not that not that good as a kind of selfish in a way..
i like to make friends,,even when some people thinks im weird..i just can't help;s in my nature..
how i was brought up by my family..

i dont know much about whatever it is that is happening in the world today
i love to dream..imagining things can happen the way i intend them to..
because i like to see the good side of things..
believing that life is just simple and sweet..
but they don't always come true..the bitterness of life always finds its way to sink in slowly
but that doesn't stop me from dreaming..
i mean..must i stop dreaming just because im getting older?
i do not think so..

i always think that i cherish all that others have done for me..
but to be honest..i sometimes forgot..
i only human..but that doesn't mean that i don appreciate them..
because i know i do..and to me..that is what's important

and right now i dont even know what im talking about..
so i guess i will stop now..
see u again..soon perhaps..

Saturday, March 6, 2010

mood gone insane~

something is wrong today
i don't know what exactly,
but seems like something is just off.
even when im typing this out.
the cursor  tends to get stuck in one place


Friday, March 5, 2010

of anak ayam and wau bulan

im just bored~
im at the faculty right now
been working on my creativity piece

..need to get it done as soon as possible
huahhhh.....cayok!! cayok!!!