Saturday, November 19, 2011


Rokok dan Kopiah by Mat Luthfi

"tapi aku tak boleh hidup sorang cm ni"
"memang la tak boleh, selagi kau tak bergantung pd yg tak mati"

from a youtube video by our very own Mat Luthfi.
-Rokok dan Kopiah-

i love the message he's trying to deliver.
it is indeed deep.

so here is the video

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

the night's song

I was wide awake while the others are already sleeping, and dreaming away. How it feels good to be at home, where all the memories of my younger years linger around freely without any distractions. How beautiful the moments were, timeless and perfect.

I was in the kitchen, when I noticed a familiar tune, it caught my ears' attention in such an overwhelming way that it touched my heart. What it was? It was the frogs croaking and the creaking sounds of the crickets.

Others might find this comical and hilarious, I mean, they are frogs and crickets!! They are supposed to be noisy and annoying. But in an unexplainable way, the sound i heard was indeed something pleasantly beautiful.

I recall how I used to be able to listen to the exact same sound almost every time after the rain have stopped pouring down from the sky, especially at night during the monsoon season. My mother would explain to me that the frogs are sad that the rain stopped and they keep calling out to the rain to pour down again.

It somehow has a calming effect on me, making me feel much more at ease and at home. I can only hope that this will be something that will always stay as it is, but knowing how the world is constantly changing and developing, I can only wish that it will at least remain that way as long as it possibly can.

I even recorded the sound, so I can take it back with me when i leave to Shah Alam. It will stay listed on my playlist.