Thursday, August 27, 2009


i want to do things that i really want to do..
but right now i am...well as some might say..fully-booked!!
not for any movies or trips or concerts and all those fun sort of events..
well..go figure..if i was booked for those category of events..
i won't end up whining here now would i??
instead it is the line of assignments and tasks..
it seems that i am a little over due on some things..
have to strive to actually keep up.. i wish i can live my life with no worries..
but then life would just be boring if it runs out to smoothly..

i just know that tehere is something wrong with my emotions..
i just dont feel anything..numb..
the feelings i show lately comes from the brain..instead of the heart,,
i feel like a something wrong?

i just wanted to say
Happy Ramadhan..

ps: im only hoping for a miracle to emerge

Mid-Term Studio Exam!

it's tomorrow!!
god help me..
i know i can do it..
but why am i always lost
in front of him?
damn you nervousness!!

may all ends well tomorrow!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Amirul's Glasses...kot..?~

so we have a meeting of a few human being from the faculty of music UiTM
and i saw amirul's glasses and i've decided to have some fun with it.
here is the outcome of that silly idea~


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

i am feeling....nothing

life has been
too normal lately
i should be grateful..
but a part of me..
is missing
the pain
and the troubles
i've been through before..
though i don't want any of it
to come back and haunt me
i've been having wierd dreams
relating to the deaths of those who are dear to me..
is something comming?
sounds crazy
stupid me..
hope life stays this way a while longer
for we never know whats to come..

Monday, August 17, 2009

caught in the momment~

we share something
that none other does
there's a bond sso strong
nothing can break us
because we share..
because we trust..

nobody knows
what we talked about
no one understands
what's on our twisted minds
and the way we think
it's just us...

it's unexplainable
what we were all about
it's more that just unbelievable
we know that
were miserable
most of the times
but deep in our hearts
we understand
that we are nothing
but a strange miracle

the fun we had
and the times we shared
are just as precious
as the tears we shed

that was then
and now we've grown
we are far apart
but the bond we share
we nurture and care

may this friendship
last till the end of time

*mengarut gila..jumpak benda ni among my old stuff..hahaha

Friday, August 14, 2009

officially t.w.e.n.t.y.o.n.e.

august 14th 2009
today is t
he day i am finally 21 years old..
that sounds old

thanks for all he wishes guys..
i appreciate it a lot!!
thank you so much!

i am missing home even more badly~
that is the down turn of today~

25 Lorong Bayu Jalan Sultanah

that's where i live..
and i am soo homesick!
miss home a lot
miss mama
miss papa
miss nana
miss amirah
miss athirah
miss kak umey
miss kak unai
miss abg fad
miss kak aishah
miss imran
miss zarra
miss adilah

would someone kidnap me and take me home?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

ogange juice

this is unfair!!!

i need justice!
why why why?
i need you oh dear sunkist orange juice~
aih....i really wanted one..
but this happened..

well..i guess i'll just wait another day~

the pic on top..
i just love it!!
so i feel like putting there
and i did!

Crap crap crap~

i've got so much on my shoulders
pieces to prepare..
books to read..
assignments to complete..
classes to attend..
but i dont feel like doing anything about it?
all i want to do is get a bus and go straight back to alor setar
is it lazziness...or is it the fact that i've grew tired of it all?
the fact that my sister is back home at this very momment does not help at all!!
i miss her!!
that's the thing with making up your mind..
when you think too much..
you'll only end up confused..
yet...somehow i know that i'll be alright.
i'm not sure how am i suppose to get through it all..
but i know i will..

Monday, August 10, 2009

Results Keputusan~

so i went to the national school marching band competition..and here are the results =)
The 15th Malaysian Secondary School Marching Band Competition 2009 - Results
1st: SMK Sultanah Asma, Kedah
2nd: SMK Sam Tet, Perak
3rd: SMK Chung Hwa Wei Sin, Terengganu
4th: SMK Tun Fatimah, Johor

5th: MGSS, Pahang
6th: SMK St.John, KL
7th: SMK St.Joseph, Sarawak
8th: SMK Chung Hwa, Kelantan


SMK Derma, Perlis
SMJK Jit Sin, P.Pinang
SMJK Kwang Hua, Selangor

*placing are not in order

Best Preparation:
1st: Tun Fatimah
2nd: Sultanah Asma
3rd: Sam Tet

Best CG:
1st: SMK St.John - KL
2nd: SMK St.Joseph - Sarawak
3rd: Tun Fatimah - Johor

Best Drum Major
1st: SMK Sam Tet
2nd: Kelantan
3rd: CHWS








Kuala Lumpur




i will post all about the trip to johor next..

i dont have much time now

Saturday, August 8, 2009

its time~

just wanted to announce..
within a few hours..
i'll be on my way to johor!!

will post about the trip~
see you soon~

Im off to Pasir Gudang Johor!!!!!!

~Can't wait for tomorrow~

so here goes..

The 15th Malaysian Secondary School Marching Band Competition 2009
9th August 2009
Stadium Pasir Gudang, Johor Bahru
8am onwards

here are the finalists

Methodist Girls School

Chung Hwa Wei Sin Swadaya

Jit Sin High School

St Joseph Kuching

St. John Institution
(Kuala Lumpur)

Chung Hwa Kota Bahru

SMK Derma

Sultanah Asma

Sekolah Tun Fatimah

SMJK Kwang Hwa

SMJK Sam Tet


i am not sure which school will be representing sabah this news..

Friday, August 7, 2009


im awake
gazing at the dark satin night sky...
sewn with thousands sparkling diamonds of the night..
circling the glow of the giant pearl, the moon

my head is asking questions...
im not sure how to answer..
about choices to make
about what i want..
and what i need..

guide me to what is right..
not to what is easy..
cause what is easy is normally
more complicated than what is right.

how crappy can i get..
gosh im tired..
lots to do..
not much time to spare,,

staring blankly at the night sky at a time like this...
is just....relaxing...makes me a bit calm..

well that is just how life is...
despite how beautiful it could be..
there will always be a catch...

im not really sure what is my point here
so i should back off for now

ps - i am currently addicted to sorority life on facebook

Thursday, August 6, 2009

cats of Shah Alam~

i've run into lots of cute cats these few days.. seems that there are a lot of cute ones here in Shah Alam

for example..
i went to the stall to get some food where i ran into this trio

first there were one....

then came another...

and...anoter that completes the trio the intec cafe, we met her...she is huge!!!and active =)

hahaha..i want cats!please

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


its just a normal day today..
as normal as any other day..
but..i sort of have a realization..
how i am thankful of all the things i've achieved in life so far..
Thank You Allah swt.
thank you for
my parrents
my grandparrents
my brothers
my sisters
my cousins
my aunts
my uncles
my nieces
my nephew
my love
my friends
my classmates
my schoolmates
my neighbours
my teachers
the usual faces i see in my daily life
my pets
the trees
the water
the air
the food and drinks
the sound
the sight
the touch
the happiness
the sadness
the anger
the emotions i've felt
the enemies
the choices
the mistakes
the luck
the education
the boredom
the books
the art
the internet
the heart breaks
and much much more
as you can see..
i have an average life
it is not perfect
but thats just how life is..
filled with imperfection..
for us to be thank for..
and so we could put our best effort
to try and achieve the most perfect of lives we could manage to grab
thank you.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

another night at home

its just
and ijat

at home tonight
doing our usual things
munir- online
azam - assignments
ijat - doing something with his viola
me - putting my stuff where they should be

before actually going to bed..

lets skip the boring parts~
blah blah blah blah

ijat wants to eat..
so we fixed some instant noodles..
it was mostly ijat who did the cooking
then we ate..
yum yum
and now
we are falling slowly asleep~

owh..there was a part with the cocroaches!

there were more than one!!

i don't really know what to say


so i'm off..
good night~

Sunday, August 2, 2009

arrgghh!!! need to connect

i've just realized that i really need constant internet connection!!
what have happened to me??!!!
i am just addicted to the internet!am i no longer human?!

i am in shah alam now..
and my other housemates have arrived to fill my life once again
hooraay to that!


as soon as i arrived to shah alam
which is on the 1st of august..
i have a practice session for
an event for that someone's wife's graduation ceremony i don't really care much about..
so i went to dsb...

after that
me and her..and the others went to putrajaya!!!
there is a sort of floral festival.
it was fun
here's some photos i have of the festival

this is supposed to be an octupus

but i think i hurt her feelings a little.
it has been a while...
everything is nothing but okay now...

p.s - i wished we have gone there when there's more must be much more colorful if we did..

well tomorrow is the day of the ceremony..
hope it goes well