Thursday, August 27, 2009


i want to do things that i really want to do..
but right now i am...well as some might say..fully-booked!!
not for any movies or trips or concerts and all those fun sort of events..
well..go figure..if i was booked for those category of events..
i won't end up whining here now would i??
instead it is the line of assignments and tasks..
it seems that i am a little over due on some things..
have to strive to actually keep up.. i wish i can live my life with no worries..
but then life would just be boring if it runs out to smoothly..

i just know that tehere is something wrong with my emotions..
i just dont feel anything..numb..
the feelings i show lately comes from the brain..instead of the heart,,
i feel like a something wrong?

i just wanted to say
Happy Ramadhan..

ps: im only hoping for a miracle to emerge

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