Friday, July 31, 2009

_the end is near_

its 9.22 pm
this means that i'll be on my way back to shah alam
in the next 2 hours..
bye bye alor setar
bye bye home

it seems hard to get back..
since i enjoyed myself today
more than i've expected to
with my friends..hehehe

ouh...i went to my school..KSAH..
and i saw something that caught my interest..
well..two actually


i couldn't sleep..
its a hot night!im sweating
is this due to the fact that i ate durians earlier?!!

starring blankly at the ceiling made me think...

isn't it wierd how things around us
can affect our emotion and feelings..

it could be something as small as a flea
or as big as an elephant..

it could be the stories we read while waiting for the bus..
or songs we listened on the radio while driving the car..

it could be the movie we watched with our friends..
or the same dream we've having few nights in a row..

maybe its a place we passed by that reminds us of a distant past or memory..

maybe its a phone call from someone u thought of in the morning..

maybe its a tragedy you heard on the news while having breakfast at the cafe..

how can a compliment from someone you admire make you smile?

how can a handwritten messages you found on a book you borrowed make you realize something?

how can plate of cheese and pasta make you feel about yourself?

its wierd how this could happen..
but i guess that its just how it is..

The Day Before~

why is it that i'm having lots of fun on the day before the day i get back to shah alam?!
to be honest, i am pretty much excited to get back..
but at the same time..i hope to stay here longer..
should i get sick and be quarantined?
suddenly getting sick is an option...haha

i had fun today!!hahaha
i went to the post office to mail my sisters letters upon her request..
and i bumped into a few of my friends..
it has been a while..
actually it wasn't just today!
even a few days later!

then i came back home..did some cleaning
found a stash of old
interesting stuff!
here are some of the many..
hahah..those were the days i miss u so school years!

later that evening while i was on facebook..
my dad called and asked me "nak d.u.r.i.a.n. dak?"
and i was like "OKAY!!"
so we wen to get durians!


thanks mama+papa

later i went to deejay with jasmin, asyraf,azri and awie
stayed there for some time.
we parted and serap and awie came over to my house and we watched a korean movie
_The Art Of Seduction_


Min-Jun (SONG Il-Kook) and Ji-Won (SON Ye-Jin) are so-called the first-rate "players" who are dating gurus with 100% success rates in any dating pursuits. Following her usual systematic dating rules, Ji-Won fakes a schematic car accident to capture Min-Jun's attention and successfully approaches him.

However, her smooth-sailing dating life finally encounters turbulence. Why in the world is this guy not succumbing to her alluring charm? Ironically enough, Min-Jun is also overwhelmed by the understanding that he has met his match. However, like the veteran players that they are, these two shouldn't show any signs of weakness in their dating tactics. Who will emerge
victorious and become the last player standing?

taken from -

awie and cerap went back after the movie
and im starting to feel sleepy
i guess i'm signing off now

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sleepless Night...haih~

hurmm..i'm supposed to be asleep by now as i've got lots to do in the morning..yet i'm still wide awake..gosh..this is what i fear!!things that are to be done in the morning is indeed to be done in the morning as im going back to shah alam the day after!!

thats right..BACK to shah alam..because as you can see im in kedah at the momment..actually i've been in kedah for a few days now..thanks to the h1n1 issue that caused UiTM to go on a week holiday..hahaha!

here is a recap on what has been happening lately~

July 25th and 26th 2009 Brass Masterclass by Mr Eric Lee and Lertkiat Chongjirajitra Orchestra Lounge, Istana Budaya

supposedly the workshop was to be held in UiTM..but it was moved to IB due to the h1n1 holiday..

though at first i did not want to have anything to do with the prorgame, i had fun in the end anyway.

later that night me and my friends decided to go ice we went to Sunway Pyramid only to find out that the ice ring were being used for ice hokey we went to eat at Carl's jr instead where we bumped into jamie and kimi!

in this photo, you can see that pon is hiding behind ayid!

the next day, i came back to kedah with munir and azam last monday..we hit the road around 11 a.m. or so..and i was asleep all the way except for lunch when we stopped at sg perak....maybe thats why im wide awake now..fate is trying to get back at me for not keeping munir company along the road!hahaha..karma..hurm..

this is taken in sg perak!
~what happened in kedah! yay alor setar!!~

i arrived home around 4 p.m. later that day. so jasmin asked me to dinner with dini picked me up around 8 p.m. an we went to Pak Tuan for dinner!
haha. after dinner i came back home and itd off to bed.

-July 28th 2009, Tuesday-
nothing much hamppened..just hang out with jasmin again. she called to ask me to go on a walk around the neighbourhood. and we talked about stuff..haha g.o.s.s.i.p.s. the ussuals.

credit to Jasmin Anis

July 29th 2009

i came to realize that friday is like two days to come..
i dread at the idea of going back to shah alam..but i'll get to see her!

anyways..i went to get a few things i needed, and a few i don't really needed..haha..just couldn't ressist..haha..i bought a shirt for RM13! i find it cheap!

i guess thats all...but i am still awake! gosh!..

Friday, July 17, 2009


so..i wake up this morning (well not really morning pon~)
and i choose my tshirt..with some green on it.
so i went to the faculty..turns out lots of ppl choose to wear green!!!
hahahha...nothing much
but im just excited anyway..

here's a photo of some of us in GREEN

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Haha just started Blogging~ Zakian. im kinda new here..trying to fit in i guess..hahah..i mean, im not even sure i'll have enough time to actually update this blog..bu hey..why not right?haha..well..don't really know what to write guess i'll be here soon enough..haha..everyday is an exciting journey as some would lets see what would happen tomorrow~

see ya..bubbye~