Friday, July 31, 2009

The Day Before~

why is it that i'm having lots of fun on the day before the day i get back to shah alam?!
to be honest, i am pretty much excited to get back..
but at the same time..i hope to stay here longer..
should i get sick and be quarantined?
suddenly getting sick is an option...haha

i had fun today!!hahaha
i went to the post office to mail my sisters letters upon her request..
and i bumped into a few of my friends..
it has been a while..
actually it wasn't just today!
even a few days later!

then i came back home..did some cleaning
found a stash of old
interesting stuff!
here are some of the many..
hahah..those were the days i miss u so school years!

later that evening while i was on facebook..
my dad called and asked me "nak d.u.r.i.a.n. dak?"
and i was like "OKAY!!"
so we wen to get durians!


thanks mama+papa

later i went to deejay with jasmin, asyraf,azri and awie
stayed there for some time.
we parted and serap and awie came over to my house and we watched a korean movie
_The Art Of Seduction_


Min-Jun (SONG Il-Kook) and Ji-Won (SON Ye-Jin) are so-called the first-rate "players" who are dating gurus with 100% success rates in any dating pursuits. Following her usual systematic dating rules, Ji-Won fakes a schematic car accident to capture Min-Jun's attention and successfully approaches him.

However, her smooth-sailing dating life finally encounters turbulence. Why in the world is this guy not succumbing to her alluring charm? Ironically enough, Min-Jun is also overwhelmed by the understanding that he has met his match. However, like the veteran players that they are, these two shouldn't show any signs of weakness in their dating tactics. Who will emerge
victorious and become the last player standing?

taken from -

awie and cerap went back after the movie
and im starting to feel sleepy
i guess i'm signing off now

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