Wednesday, December 26, 2012


One by one they go. Writing a new chapter in their life with the ink of destiny. I guess mine is still lost in the mail somewhere. It'll arrive soon.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Durian Crepe!

I feel in love with the awesome taste of Durian crepe!!
The soft texture and the rich taste!! huaa!! can't get enough of them!!
I bought my Durian crepe from my dear friends Amanina Alwani and her boyfriend =)
They are selling this delicious Durian crepe for only RM10 per pack!
each pack consists of 6 pieces of Durian crepe.

I have linked their facebook profile above. So if you feel like ordering you know where to click.
Come on! place your order now! Contact Alwani and Firdaus.

If you are interested you can contact them on facebook at these links

You can also contact Firdaus directly at this number

Firdaus and Alwani =)

Friday, December 21, 2012

Stop Wondering

Don't wonder too much.

For it tend to lead into theories that you will hold on to.

Theories that will ignite the sparks of hope within you.

That spark which will soon explode.

And only break your heart into pieces.


it all begins with wondering.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Yunalis Zarai

You see, I like to draw whenever I am in the mood. One fine night while I was with my dear friends at McDonalds, I felt like drawing my own version of Malaysia's very own amazing songstress, Yunalis Zarai or better known as Yuna. So i googled for a picture of her and Started to draw.

When I was finally done with my work (although it looked nothing like Yuna except for the turban), a thought  crossed my mind. I thought that it would be great if
i can get Yuna to sign my drawing.

Finally, thanks to my dear friend, Azam Fadley, who played the violin for Yuna's performance during the recent Shout Awards, I got my wish.


Stars differ from one another.
despite their differences, 
they shine so bright.
twinkling in the night sky.

As bright as they could be,
they can never shine forever.
for every good things come to an end.

so let us cherish and appreciate
all the times that we have with them
while we have them in our sight
for when the daylight strikes
the stars will dim and vanish from sight.

but fear not
the stars are never completely gone,
they will keep on shining.
and they will be back
the next time the moon shines.

Monday, December 17, 2012

end of another chapter

It is coming to an end.
Another chapter perfectly written.
A chapter filled with joy and sorrow.
Beautifully woven and intertwined together.

What is left is just a few more paragraphs.
Few more before we move to the next chapter
in this wonderful book called Life

Let the ink of fate dance its way on the blank parchments.
Writing the story of beautiful surprises and adventure.


My heart leaps at the sight of you.
My knees tremble when you're near.
You get me off my feet.
You're the one I want to meet.

To have you, to hold you.
locked together in an embrace.
It is you that I want.
You are the place where I want to be.

Take me there.
Where you and I are together.
Where the stars dance.
Where the sun and moon shines together.

Your face brings me joy.
Your smile lift my heart so high.
When you're with me words disappear.
Even when there's so much for you to hear

Take me there.
Where you and I are together.
Where the stars dance.
Where the sun and moon shines together.
Where you are mine and I am yours.

i wrote this a while back. it has always been in the draft folder. so i decided to publish it.

Azam's Rant again - Awat hang kelaq tangan pastu post jadi DP?


Nak buat titi tapi tebing jauh sangat.
Nak redah ja tapi sungai dalam sangat,
Takut nanti mati tenggelam.
Cari sampan tak dak.
Rakit lagi la tak dak.
Nak pusing keliling jauh sangat pulak.

Nak buat apa pun tak tau.
Dok ja la kat tepi tebing.


Of loosing
Of being left out
Of being unwanted
Of forgetting
Of getting hurt
Of hurting
Of disappearing
Of letting go
Of being lonely
Of false hopes
Of being myself
Of hating
Of taking risks
Of making mistakes
Of starting again
Of dying
Of trusting
Of the world
Of evil
Of lies
Of disappointment
Of being forgotten

Monday, December 10, 2012



It is a big word, don't you think? It distinguish the idea of not liking something, or someone. When we say Hate it usually means that we really despise something or someone. So here it goes. I Hate You.

That's all. Goodbye, good riddance.


I am looking for something
that have been lost for so long
where could it be?
that special part of me
that have once colored the world
with bright shiny colors.

now it is buried deep somewhere
buried so deep its hard for me to dig it up

Friday, December 7, 2012

One Step Closer

Its tomorrow! and I'm super excited! can't wait to get this done and over with!
All the best guys!!