Saturday, April 28, 2012

quick update?

Hello, it has been ages since I actually log on to my blog, and for that I am really sorry. But then again, who actually reads all the crappy stuff I post here?

I just feel like writing something, although I am completely clueless on what to write, I guess, for now, I can say that I am searching for myself again. Trying to locate all the dreams I left behind, in hoping that finding them would give me hope to survive my life, and perhaps make them come to life.

These past few months of being on my own, have make me realize that I have friends who will always be there for me regardless the consequences, may it be hard or merry, they will hold my hand till the end.

I have also realized that my family, parents, to be more specific, needs me more now than ever, and I will try to be there for them and love them unconditionally, for they have given me life, and supported me through out all those years, I will try to be the very best at what I am doing, so tha they can be proud of me. Mama, Papa, you guys are my everything. My sisters and brother, I love them so much for giving me (or will give me) beautiful nieces and nephews. They are the apples of my heart now. As much as I worry for them, I am sure that they will be great one day for they have parents like you guys.

As for love, I don't know, the idea of being madly in love is amazing, but for now, I would just have to put that aside. Not because I have given up, but just because, I am tired of holding on to something that isn't really there, and I need to explore my capabilities to achieve what I dream of. I believe Love will come my way sooner or later, just have to wait, as the saying goes, "good things come to those who wait". I haven't lost all hope on this particular matter, It is just that for the time being, I'd like to be on my own, and do the things that i wanted to.

Well, I guess that would be it for now, until next time.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sahc Band 2012 : Romeo & Juliet T-shirt Sale

Our Official 2012 Supporters T-Shirt are up for sale NOW.

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- Made by Apple red T-shirt
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T-shirt - RM30
Headband - RM10
T-shirt + Headband - RM35

For details and order, kindly contact the person in charge :

Orders within KEDAH

people in Kedah can directly contact these names

Shah Rezza : 0175978063
Jasni Jafferi : 0175015496


for those outside from Kedah, please contact these names

Ed Zahir : 0174549562
Zul : 0147584536

payment can be made via
third party transfer at

CIMB : 0205 0135 0285 27
Name : Mohd Zahir b. Mohd Zamry

* We would like to ask that you kindly email us the picture of the transfer receipt as proof of payment to

*Group orders

more than 10 sets (t-shirt + Headband)
- free 2 headbands

more than 30 sets (t-shirt + headband)
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additional postal/courier charge of
17% of thsirt price
free if order is more than 10