Monday, April 25, 2011

baloq liat

haha..ada report nak kena siapkan, tapi malaih gila kot.
bukannya susah pn, tapi, aihh..perlu motivasi.,
ok bye~

Sunday, April 24, 2011


i have been experiencing lots of urges to cry my heart out lately
i don't know why, but i just want to.
i have tried a lot of things,
watch sad movies, listen to songs that can make me cry
but nothing works.
i don't know why, it might me the stress,
i just feel like crying.
but i just can't.
it is really disturbing

take me there

i want to be in a place where i can do almost anything i dreamed of doing.
the place where stars shine brightly in the night sky, glittering with hope.
where everyone seems to live a life with no nothing holding their back
the perfect euphoria.

 i want to be in a place where love matters, 
where there aren't any war or blood involved
a world where you can simply walk around without having to watch your back

take me to a place where there are no worries.
nothing to make you feel upset
only joy and laughter

take me where everyone that is dear to me,
so i can live life among them
seeing them always by my side

please, can you take me there? i don't know where,  
but i would really like to be there.
is there any chance of such place in existence?
i know i am not making any sense at all,
but it would be wonderful

seriously, i have to open my eyes, and stop daydreaming.

Friday, April 22, 2011

video video video

this is something that we did for our class project
i had fun doing this with wiwiey and joyce. =)

by the way, this would be my first ever video post here on blogspot =)
i know it is kind of lame, but i just wanted to share

Thursday, April 21, 2011

meow meow~

kucing kat Restoran D.E.
manja wehh~

*ada sapa2 nak adopt?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

a breath of air, finally

at last, today was last the last day of such a hectic week,
such a hectic semester actually, all that is left now is next thursday.
that is when i need to submit my report, my video assignment and arrangement.
and that is the day of the replacement class and the seminar.
that is all!!! now i can really breathe a little.

after thursday, is my final papers.
then it is alor setar for sure!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

a very long exhausting semester

it is Thursday today
which means that tomorrow is Friday
don't worry, im not trying to pull any Rebecca Black stunt here.
but what i am trying to say is, this means that, tomorrow will be the last day of class for such a messy semester.
well, technically, i have replacement classes next Thursday, but i don't mind that too much, at least my schedule is not as tight anymore by then.

today, however, i have gone through my final studio exam, i think it was okay, considering the opportunity for me to practice my trombone is not as much as it used to be. i am thankful for that. =) and, i have managed to submit my group's mandarin video (for our third language class), which we managed to quickly record and edit (thanks tom!) by yesterday.

how i wish i can sort of celebrate, but unfortunately, i have my educational psychology case study to submit by tomorrow, and of course, the music theory quiz a.k.a. replacement class, which also happens to be tomorrow.

you see, i am taking 13 subjects this semester, (23 credit hours)
and i found out that it is pretty much a tiring semester, but i got through it..
not exceptionally good, but i managed to cope.

i have completed 

i have presented on the advantages of blogging and the benefits of being a blood donor

learning a language is not as easy as i looks,

i actually learn how to sing properly, and how to teach a choir group. my first singing in front of a public experience

my fingers tend tangle each other, -_-"

my trombone playing, 5 pieces, not as easy

gamelan, kosalia arini, not easy at all!!!!!

performance in front of the whole music education department. almost like conference, but here, we perform and the lecturers will comment and supposedly suggest on what we can do in order to improve.

orchestra, in this class, the rehearsals are tiring. the brass section doesn't play in each and every song that have been picked for this semester, we (specifically the trombone+tuba section) only have parts to play in 2 songs out of 12 songs all together, we salute you string players!!

this only leaves me with

a tutorial video and an arrangement of my school anthem due next week

report on 10 hours of observation also due next week

final written exam, must study and be all philosophical-ish

case study due tomorrow, final written exam, also must study, and be all teacher-ish, and philosophical-ish

quiz a.k.a replacement class tomorrow, final written exam, must study and do lots of exercises. (reminds me of math)

so, must start on my case study now! bye

Sunday, April 10, 2011

thank you for,,,

sometimes i feel like i am unsure
thank you for assuring me
sometimes i feel like i am not wanted
thanks for accepting me
sometimes i feel as if the whole world is turning its back on me
thanks for embracing me
sometimes i feel like its too quiet
thanks for serenading me with songs
sometimes i feel like i am alone
thanks for always being there beside me
sometimes i feel like i am angry
thanks for soothing me
sometimes i feel like i am weak
thanks for giving me strength

whenever i have lost hope on all that is,
you will always spark the spirit inside me
and giving hope to pursue my dreams

thank you so much for my family, my friends and of course, my love


Thursday, April 7, 2011

am loosing it slowly,

I am loosing myself slowly.

I'm not saying that I am turning over to the dark side or anything, it's just that, I am one person who holds on to past memories, although I can't seem to remember every little detail of the past. To some of you, it may seem like I have moved on to the future, and finally put my past inside a sealed box that have been kept away in the attic (not that i have any at home).

Anyways, what I am trying to say here is, I miss the great times I have with my friends, opportunities to spend time with them like I used to is becoming less and less, as in really, really limited.

I tend to get caught in the moment, so whenever I am remembering the times I've had, I like to text my friends, and tell them how much I miss them, (sometimes I fear that they might get the wrong ideas. -_-").

Actually, this is one of the time when I get caught in the moment, haha, usually happens when I'm about to go to sleep. Well, I guess it's time to stop. must sleep now, early day tomorrow, and it is a long day of class, assignments and tests. I barely even practice nowadays, I think I have disappointed many people, especially my principal lecturer, I can't seem to keep focus on what I'm doing lately.

*honestly i don't think anyone reads my posts -_-"

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dear Beloved...

dear beloved, you have been through a rough life,
but don't you feel sorry for yourself,
because you are more than what you think you're worth.
you might not see it, but it's true.

dear beloved, i will not stop you from crying,
because i know that holding back your tears will only kill your soul,
we cry because we are only human, so cry your heart out,
until your eyes go swollen.

dear beloved, don't you worry about the future,
the future is way ahead, and by working on today,
you'll reach your future, so open your eyes to see
the present and enjoy it while you can

dear beloved, you feel unwanted, unimportant, by those who torment you,
but don't you worry, because there are those who care,
and will always be by your side, whenever, where ever.

dear beloved, don't you lose hope on life,
there are lots to discover, have faith and you'll be okay.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Puntung Rokok

ohh!!! I just remembered something that I have been wanting to post here for quite some time now. For those who doesn't know, I do not smoke, so I am a little annoyed when people smoke around me, but I'm not saying that those who smoke are bad people, no, I have no such intentions at all, trust me. I even have friends who smoke and they are really good people in nature. I accept the fact that people tend to smoke in public toilets and not to mention at most "kedai mamak" and I don't mind, I mean, not that I can do much about it, but i just can't stand those who irresponsibly simply throw away their cigarette butts without even bothering to put them out completely. In some cases, they just throw their burning cigarette buts near dries leaves.  Do they have no common sense? Pakcik oii, tau dak sebab puntung rokok yang pakcik buang tu, satu kedai boleh tebakaq? I mean, people can really get hurt. so please, be more responsible and dispose of your trash responsibly.


Hi World, how are you  feeling today? As for me, I am feeling quite sick for the moment, not that I am complaining, in fact, I am coping rather well. You see this week, I have lots of things to complete. Today, for an example, I have a final paper, and I think I did quite well, I am feeling very much thankful for the fact that I find the paper just now, which is VOICE METHOD, is quite easy, because I haven't been spending much time studying on the subject. To add to the the things that I have to do, I am not feeling so well, so I actually sleep more last weekend, instead of studying. so that is why i feel so thankful for today's paper. and now, i should be preparing for my BEL presentation which is scheduled on Wednesday or maybe for my FORUM tomorrow. Instead, I am blogging. ZAKIAN!! FOCUS! well, I am doing this just for the sake of clearing my head. So, I think I should stop now, and get started on my presentation, which would be about how being a blood donor can benefit you.

*oh, one more thing, my face has been invaded by pimples!! ohh the stress is killing me~

Sunday, April 3, 2011

go through with it.

you'll see when you've gone through, that is when you know whether you've made the right choices or the wrong ones, but until you actually experience them you will never know.