Monday, April 4, 2011

Puntung Rokok

ohh!!! I just remembered something that I have been wanting to post here for quite some time now. For those who doesn't know, I do not smoke, so I am a little annoyed when people smoke around me, but I'm not saying that those who smoke are bad people, no, I have no such intentions at all, trust me. I even have friends who smoke and they are really good people in nature. I accept the fact that people tend to smoke in public toilets and not to mention at most "kedai mamak" and I don't mind, I mean, not that I can do much about it, but i just can't stand those who irresponsibly simply throw away their cigarette butts without even bothering to put them out completely. In some cases, they just throw their burning cigarette buts near dries leaves.  Do they have no common sense? Pakcik oii, tau dak sebab puntung rokok yang pakcik buang tu, satu kedai boleh tebakaq? I mean, people can really get hurt. so please, be more responsible and dispose of your trash responsibly.


  1. Oh don't get me started on people throwing rubbish ikut suka hati. Menyakitkan mata and hati!!!

  2. kan kak!! bukan la nak kata kita ni baik sgt, tapi, mcm responsible la sikit, kalau la puntung tu terbang p mana2, xka susah kalau tebakaq ka apa ka..