Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dear Beloved...

dear beloved, you have been through a rough life,
but don't you feel sorry for yourself,
because you are more than what you think you're worth.
you might not see it, but it's true.

dear beloved, i will not stop you from crying,
because i know that holding back your tears will only kill your soul,
we cry because we are only human, so cry your heart out,
until your eyes go swollen.

dear beloved, don't you worry about the future,
the future is way ahead, and by working on today,
you'll reach your future, so open your eyes to see
the present and enjoy it while you can

dear beloved, you feel unwanted, unimportant, by those who torment you,
but don't you worry, because there are those who care,
and will always be by your side, whenever, where ever.

dear beloved, don't you lose hope on life,
there are lots to discover, have faith and you'll be okay.


  1. buat sendiri ke? btw...not 'loose' but 'lose'. nice one though. :)

  2. ya ya. did it my self..ya? hahaha..okay..akan edit..thanks =)