Monday, April 19, 2010

it is okay

sometimes we have to tell ourselves that it is okay to be scared instead of putting on a brave face and acting like a hero all the time..

we need to learn that it is okay to shed a tear whenever we feel down and sad..instead of covering up our hurt with laughter and a smile on our faces..

we have to understand that it is okay for us to feel vulnerable because sometimes it is better to open up to these feelings rather that suppressing them all the time and end up exploding like a ticking time bomb

we have to know that it is better to be able to show the side of us that we try to keep secret rather than hurting ourselves even more by hiding and pretending to be okay

i keep telling myself this..yet i sometimes fail to do so

Sunday, April 18, 2010

another sleepless night

it has been ages since i last post an entry in this blog...
and i know that i dont really post anything of much importance to this blog...i mean..i started to write in here just because i was having trouble sleeping one fateful sleepless as i am at the moment. not going through any  emotional tides right for just at more tense im my system..

im back to staying up late at night..watching movies or just surfing the net.haha...and waking up late..because i have no more commitment at the moment..

my classes are over..
i have performed for 30 mins for my showcase,,well..i guess you can say im pretty much free right now..i finally have time to keep the house in place..after few weeks, or month of living in a wreck!

i really wish i can get back to alor setar..
i miss home badly!!!

but my bank account is pretty much empty right now..


a lot have been happening in my life since i posted my last entry...

finished my subjects in UiTM..

done with diploma showcase (o know i keep on saying this again and again..)

i hugged my father on his birthday

had dinner with my family together with lily..

have a new obsession with pet fishes!! in which i manage to somehow influence my friends to love fishes as well..

i mean so much ahave been happening..i don't really remember everything..but yeah..a lot have been happening..hahaha..

as much as things are moving, i still miss the good old days, where life is much. much simpler..haha..

ohh...i mis hanging out with my friends as well...must meet up soon!!