Monday, April 19, 2010

it is okay

sometimes we have to tell ourselves that it is okay to be scared instead of putting on a brave face and acting like a hero all the time..

we need to learn that it is okay to shed a tear whenever we feel down and sad..instead of covering up our hurt with laughter and a smile on our faces..

we have to understand that it is okay for us to feel vulnerable because sometimes it is better to open up to these feelings rather that suppressing them all the time and end up exploding like a ticking time bomb

we have to know that it is better to be able to show the side of us that we try to keep secret rather than hurting ourselves even more by hiding and pretending to be okay

i keep telling myself this..yet i sometimes fail to do so


  1. yeah u are right so just continue telling yourself that :), it is hard for a guy to admit what u just wrote

    are u Unaizah's brother? :), she is the eldest ? - me her friend here :)

  2. her youngest brother..n yes she is the eldest