Tuesday, May 18, 2010

im way up in the clouds..

it has been a while since i last posted anything here

truth be told,, i just don't feel like posting anything
up to this very moment 

soo..here goes
im working right now..just for a while though..
as my sister needs extra hands here at 
the First World's Baskin Robbins

it is fun even when the ice creams
can be really cruel to you and your wrist.

i am having a great time so far
spending time with my sister
haishh..she's been through a lot..
* be strong dear sister!!
basically i wake up everyday
walk to the store
scoop sweet delicious treats for the 
sometimes annoying customers (kdg2 tu rasa mcm nk sepak ja)
who came from everywhere
mostly arabians, indians and chinese..
they r so annoying..haha..maybe it is just the way they are right
who am i to judge
i mean
for all i know i might be an annoying customer to someone..

after the work is done..
get back home..
wash up (sejukkkk!!!!!!!)
and eat while wathing something on the laptop with my sister
mostly Gossip Girl =))))

but as everything goes..
my time up here is comming to an end..
but who knows
i might just continue..

but honestly i miss alor setar and my friends!!!
sabaq sat nohh..nak balik dah ~

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