Monday, May 30, 2011

ice creams and dreams

do you remember when we were kids?
how we used to see things in a much more less complicated ways
and dream of things that are never even possible.
we used to see things as what they are, simple. no compromises.

and we dreamed to be a superhero with cool awesome powers
or a pretty princess in a far away land.
waiting to be united with true love's kiss.
 some how, all these ridiculous ideas,
manage to cheer us up.
almost anytime.
like ice creams on a hot sunny day.

sounds peachy huh? but you have to admit,
indeed what i have said so far is true.
because if it isn't true, than you won't be smiling to yourself right now.

but ice creams on a hot sunny day,
they tend to melt,
and if you don't hurry up and finish them.
we will just loose it to the sun and the dirt as they melt away.

sure we can get new ones, 
but they won't be the same as the first ones we picked.

as to dreams and opportunities.
if we continue to dream on our dreams
and not do anything as it melts with time,
we won't get anywhere.
sure we can get new dreams,
but would it make you as happy?
as satisfied as the ones you've left to melt?


Saturday, May 28, 2011

syahmi wahab

dia ni junior aku kat Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid
the reason ia m writing this is because.
he said something about me in his blog!
so i thought that i should return the favor by
featuring him here. haha
so do stop by his page,
fun to read.

click the link above

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


zakian, you always tend to do stupid things.
you say stupid things that hurt others.
you make stupid decisions that caused unnecessary damages.
the best part is, you don't even know that you did all these.
and you didn't even mean to do so.
you just do.

zakian, why have you become so bitter.
all the sarcasm, really, it USED to be fun.
but now, it is just mean.
please stop before you turn into something really mean
and hurt more people.

zakian, grow up,
you are 23 this year.
it is a lot to take.
yes. but it is life.
so please.
take sometime to look back at yourself and think
are you ready?

Thursday, May 12, 2011

10 years.

It does not seem that long ago when we first enrolled in Sultan Abdul Hamid College together, coming form different parts of Kedah. Some I have met before. Some are complete strangers. But somehow, we managed to become friends. We sort of grew up together. going through changes in life. 
Now, we have changed so much. some have finished with their studies. Some still have a long way to go. Some have found their calling, some are still searching. Some have been lost for a while, some have always been there. 
Some are just the same, and some have completely changed.

Can you believe it? 10 years ago. That long we have known each other.
Seriously guys, 10.


i was browsing through my posts and i cam across this comment. this sort of made my day. thank you Reez

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I was reading my sister's blog and I came across this post. 
Zarra and Imran are my sister's children. How adorable, how innocent can kids be.
it made me think that, maybe I like to become a teacher after all.
working with kids, helping them through various stages of life,
developing their talent.

It is not and easy task, although most people may see teaching as
something that is not worth it, I believe it is, I may not be ready yet, but I will work hard for it.
i mean, If it is written for me to be a teacher, then I will be a good one.

By the way, i am now in Alor Setar, beloved hometown. 
It is really hot here. I sweat while doing nothing.

So that will be all for now, 
Here is the link to my sister, Unaizah's blog,

Memories Experiences Thoughts Hopes Dreams

You can visit her page if you like to find out about
some interesting places to lepak and eat around Malaysia.
believe me, she has good taste in food.