Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I was reading my sister's blog and I came across this post. 
Zarra and Imran are my sister's children. How adorable, how innocent can kids be.
it made me think that, maybe I like to become a teacher after all.
working with kids, helping them through various stages of life,
developing their talent.

It is not and easy task, although most people may see teaching as
something that is not worth it, I believe it is, I may not be ready yet, but I will work hard for it.
i mean, If it is written for me to be a teacher, then I will be a good one.

By the way, i am now in Alor Setar, beloved hometown. 
It is really hot here. I sweat while doing nothing.

So that will be all for now, 
Here is the link to my sister, Unaizah's blog,

Memories Experiences Thoughts Hopes Dreams

You can visit her page if you like to find out about
some interesting places to lepak and eat around Malaysia.
believe me, she has good taste in food.


  1. Sambil tersipu-sipu malu....Thanks bro!!! Puji meninggi sangat...takut tak terpikul lak nanti.

  2. "Sambil tersipu-sipu malu" tak tahan..haha