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Interesting facts about Islam

i was tumblring just now and i came across this article, 
and i feel like sharing it with all those who reads this

Interesting facts about Islam

01. The Islamic calender is based on the phases of the moon, with it being approximately 11 days shorter than the 365 days of the year in the Georgian calender. Hence, the dates of our festivals (Eid -ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha) move through the year.

02. Adam (peace be upon him) was approximately 30 Ziraa tall. Ziraa is a measurement and one Ziraa is approximately half a metre.

03. The Majority of Muslims do not live in the Middle East. The most populous Muslim country is Indonesia, the 4th largest country in the world with approximately 184 million Muslims. There are more Muslims in India than the combined population of Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Palestine and the whole of the Arabian Peninsula.

04. The splitting of the Moon was was one of the greatest miracle of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). When prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was 52 years old, the leaders of the disbelievers of the Quraish tribe came to him and said, “If you are a Prophet, then split the moon into two parts.” The prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) dearly wanted the people to convert to Islam, especially his close friends and relatives. He prayed, raising up his hands, and the moon split into two equal halves. Each part of the moon was seen above different mountains. The disbelievers said, “Muhammad has performed magic.” They did not accept Islam.

05. The Ummah of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) are more than that of all the Ummahs of all the previous prophets and messengers put together.

06. According to the Qur’an, the Kaaba was first built by the Ibrahim (peace be upon him) and and his son Ismail (peace be upon him).

07. Muslims do not worship the Kaaba; the Kaaba is simply a focal point for prayer ordered by Allah Subhanaho Wa Taala..

08. Prominent Kuffar like Abu Jahl would secretly listen to the verses of the Holy Quran because they were fascinated by it.

09.According to Islamic governments there are over 1.2 billion Muslims in the world today. The Muslim population of Russia alone is over 50 million. In other words, at least one out of every six persons in the world is Muslim, which is one of the reasons why …

10. … the name “Muhammad” is the most common name in the world.

11. At least one of Prophet Muhammad’s wives was African. Her name was Maria the Copt. Two of the Prophet’s wives were Jewish. Their names were Raihanah and Safiyah.

12. Albania is the only European country whose population is over 90% Muslim. It is on the Adriatic Sea, and borders Greece and Yugoslavia.

13. Former pop star Cat Stevens is an Islamic scholar currently living in England. His Muslim name is Yusuf Islam.

14. To find the Gregorian equivalent to any Muslim calendar date (i.e., 1 Muharram of any year), multiply 970,224 by the Muslim year, point off six decimals, and add 621.5774. The whole number will be the Gregorian year and the decimal multiplied by 365.24 will be the first day of the Muslim year.

15. The following English words are borrowed from Arabic: Algebra, Zero, Cotton, Sofa, Rice, Candy, Safron, Balcony. And even ‘Alcohol’ derives from Arabic : al-kuhl meaning powder. These are just a few mentioned here.

16. The first treatise on smallpox and measles was written by Abu Bakr Al-Razi (c.864-925,known to Europe as Rhazes). (Due to this) Inoculation against smallpox became a common practice in Muslim lands. Despite this, Scientific text book credit the invention of a smallpox vaccine to Edward Jenner (1749-1823).

17. Early Oxbridge students studied books written by Muslims on mathematics, medicine, chemistry, optics and astronomy.

18. Adelard of Bath (a city in the UK) was a leading scholar of the middle ages. What made him famous was translating the work of Muslim scientists from Arabic to Latin!

19. The 1860 city records of Cardiff (UK) show a Masjid in operation in a converted building at 2 Glynrhondda St. Yemani. Seamen on their trips between Aden (in Yemen) and Cardiff founded this Masjid.

20. The first purpose built Masjid is claimed to be in Woking, South of England with money provided by the ruler of Bhopal, in India (the Shah Jehan Masjid was built in 1889).

21. The grand doors of our prophet’s Masjid in Medina weigh 2 and half tonnes each! Enormous quantities of “sag wood” was gathered from all over the world and shipped to the United Kingdom to be dried in computerized furnaces (the traditional drying process would have taken many years!). Even then , it took 5 months to dry the wood! The wood was then shipped to Barcelona, Spain, where the main body of the doors where made and finally the French paid their little part, ams the brass ornamentation was carried out in the city of Roi. Next time you visit the holy asjid, keep this entirely in mind!

22. It was only in 1932 the Kiswah (cloth of the Ka’bah) was wholly made by Saudis (citizens of Saudi Arabia).

23. The roof top of our Prophet’s Masjid in Madina is designed to be strong enough to carry additional floors in the future.

24. Some verses in the Koran refer to man being equal to woman. Mathematically, the number of times the word “man” appears in the Koran is 24. The number of times the word “woman” appears in the Koran is also 24.

25. The Holy Quran has 30 parts and 114 surahs.

26. Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Raheem is repeated 114 times in the Quran.

27. All except for Surat “Al Tawbah” start with Bismillah al-Rahman al-Raheem and Surat “Al Namel, No. 27” has Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Raheem in its body

28. Al-Baqarah is the longest surah in the Quran while Al-Kawthar is the shortest surah in the Quran.

29. Milk is the best drink mentioned in the Quran while, Honey is the best food thing mentioned in the Quran.

30. The best month is Ramadan while the best night is the Night of Power in Ramadan (Laylat al Qadr).

31. Quran was revealed in a period that spanned over 23 years: 13 in Mecca and 10 in Madina!

32. Whoever reads one letter of the Quran gets 10 Rewards.Surat Al-Ikhlas is considered 1/3 of the Quran.

33. Reading 1 verse in Ramadan is equal to reading the entire Quran in other months.

34. The Quran will intercede for people who recited it on Judgment Day

35. The Quran will complain of people who didn’t recite it on Judgment Day

36. Two of the Ummahatul Mu’mineen (Mothers of the Ummah - the wives of the prophet Mohammad) died before him, They are Khadija and Zainab Bint Khuzaimah RadiAllahu Anhoma.

37. Muslims do not worship the Kaaba; the Kaaba is simply a focal point for prayer ordered by Allah Subhanaho Wa Taala..

38. The Zam Zam well came into existence at the time of prophets Ibrahim and Ismail. It then disappeared for nearly 2600 years due to the certain events and was rediscovered and dug by the grandfather of our beloved prophet peace be upon him. The location of the well was revealed to him in a dream.

39. The black stone (as it is known), cannot really be described in full, because the parts we touch with our hands and “Kiss” are eight small pieces, the biggest of which is the size of a date.

40. Islam is the FASTEST growing religion according to many sources. It is projected that Islam will be the #1 religion by the year 2030.

41. The 10 Sahabah who were promised Paradise during their lifetime were Abubakr Siddique, Umar bin Khattab, Uthman bin Affan, Ali bin Abi Talib, Talha Bin Ubaidullah, Saeed Bin Zaid, Abu Ubaidah Bin Jarrah, Zubair bin Awwam, Saad Bin Abi Waqqas, and Abdur Rahman Bin Auf RadiAllahu Anhum Ajmaeen.

42. Did you know that Imam Bokhari Rahmatullah Alaih compiled his collection of 7,275 Ahadith by selection from 600,000. Before writing each Hadith he would make 2 Rakaat nafl Salaat.

43. Islam is not “spread by the sword”. It is spread by the word (Islamic teachings) and the example of its followers. Islam teaches that there is no compulsion in religion (the Holy Qur’an 2:256 and 10:99).

44. Abdullah Ibn Zubair (RA) was the first baby boy to be born after Hijrah. His Father was Zubair (RA) and his mother was Asma (RA). His aunt (mother’s sister) was none other than Ummul Mu’mineen Aaiysha (RA) and his grand father was Abu Bakr Siddique (RA)

45. Muslim women wear the head covering (hijab) in fulfillment of God’s decree to dress modestly. From a practical standpoint, it serves to identify one as attempting to follow God in daily life and, therefore, protects women from unwanted advances from men. Righteous women throughout history have worn this type of modest dress. Prominent examples are traditional Catholic Nuns, Mother Teresa and the Virgin Mary, mother of

46. Interestingly, the inside of the Kaaba is empty.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pretty girls we see on TV

Glee -Dianna Agron & Lea Michele Sarfati
Gossip Girl - Blake Lively & Leighton Marissa Meester
The Vampire Diaries - Candice Accola & Nina Dobrev

*have you ever realize that there are always a pretty blonde and a pretty brunette for each tv series.

what changed?

have you ever felt so irritated
by what you can't seem to determine
what was going on
and everything around you,
being as usual as they always are,
annoys you so much that you feel 
like yelling your heart out?

then you try to distance yourself
to get away from all turbulence
but no matter how far you go
it haunts you, following you

then you start to feel like
you had no one else
nobody understands
the pain you are going through

you start feeling sorry for yourself
you start to think that you are never
good enough for others
you start to loose your self esteem
while others seems to be doing great
without you

and you'll start to blame everything
everyone everywhere
for not being there
for not saying
"everything will be alright"

but have you ever stopped?
stopped running and look at your self
and ask yourself,
"what was going on the whole time?"
what changed?
when did this happen?
and when you finally find out "why"
have you ever tried to change things?
do things differently
to help you get better
and achieve success.
let us ask ourselves,
what changed?

Monday, February 14, 2011

A day With Family, Friends and Hamsters

Sunday, Feb 13th 2011

I had lunch with my sister Unaizah, brother Fadley, nephew Imran and niece Zarra. It really feels good to be around family. The kids are so cute!! and adorable! We ate at a restaurant called
Sup Utara Power which is at Section 18, Shah Alam. The food was good, and the sambal belacan was amazing! I don't any pictures of the food or the place, but I do however have pictures of Irfan and Zarra!

I went to the park later, well sort of a park, more of a field, an open field with my friends Aliyah and Syaiful, I decided to bring Gomez and Bieber along with us, since they've been inside the house, I thought that it would be nice for a little fresh air every now and then, these photos (below) were taken from Aliyah's iPod =)
-thanks yah!-

This is where we went to, photo taken from

I really had a great time!

Today also happens to be my brother, Mohamed Zakwan's 35th Birthday, so I would like to wish a very happy birthday to him, may he stay in good health and success.

Dear Followers

i was looking at my own Blogspot page,
and then i realized that, i have 32 followers,
hahaha!! thanks for following me,
i did not even realized that there are actually
others reading this blog of my ridiculousness..
thanks again! 


 this post is about, what people seems to think about me, if some of you realized this was from that time when on Facebook, people has been exchanging some kind of code numbers and describe each other and post it on their status, so this is what i got from others. you can also add more on my comment box =)

1408 - sudah lama kenal dgn dia. tp even kenal2 mcm tu je, tau dia seorang yang baik hati (ewah) dan peramah. best la kalau sembang, x rs kekok. gossip pun layannn~ comel jugak. hahahaa.. :D apapun harap mantain friendship ni ya.

1408 : haa abg snior aku time sekolah menengah dulu . aku kenai dia time orentasi . time tu dia conduct group aku pi merayau keliling kolej . baik dia ni . byk benda dia tau pasai kolej. baguih2 . haha lama dh tak nampak muka dia nii . jadi lagumana laa dia laa ni . haha nanti kalau turun melaka roger2 laa nohh . friends forever :D

1408 : aku knal ngn mamat nie kt ksah..baek org nyer..ensem lak wonder la tuka awek mcm tuka bju..haish..dia nie dak band...smpai skang pn still aktif ngn band ksah..smangat collegian..keep it up guyz..kalu perangai 2 ble ukur ngn bintang..aku bg dia 10 dr 10 bintang..attitude terbaek dlm membe2 aku..

1408: kenal dia since high school.. Tapi setakat tau nama ja.. Dia sangat kreatif, baik hati dan easy going.. Boleh masuk dengan semua orang.. Paling fresh dalam memory, time dia tiba2 muncul masa orang tengah dating dan join lepak dalam kereta sampai larut malam.. Pastu hantaq dia balik rumah skali.. Haha.. Dia juga salah seorang saksi aku kena tinggal bas kat Shah Alam aritu.. Kah3.. And yes, friends forever.. :)

#1408~ I remember mase induction bawak telur puyuh ke hulu ke hilir. Tp yg sorg ni bijak. Die letak telur tu dlm bekas pastu die letak kapas. So telur tu safe dari pecah. Maknenye die pandai jage instrument. Pandai jage brg2. Dgn muke kesian mntk sain aku dah brape kali aku pun x ingat. Tp skrg bakal cikgu. Woohoo.. Maknenye induction dan telur puyuh tu berjaya jd kan ko sorg manusia.

~ 1408 - mamat paling baik pernah aku kenal. Dia selalu benci sedara aku si Pdude Spencer dari skolah lagi.. Tak tau pasaipa. Tapi dia baik. and gopren dia lawa.

1408: One of my bestest friends, kenal time dekat bas.. and yes.. komik sailormoon menbuatkan kami rapat.. terima kasih sailormoon (boleh??) dia ni good listener bila dia tak busy menjadi tumblrina.. haha friends forever

1408: kenal die kat fakulti muzik..mula2 tgk die mcm comel jugak budak sekarang dah gemok..haha! die seorang yg boleh dibawa berbual and berbincang..suke membantu jugak..merepek pun serah kat die..walaupun tak rapat sgt tp bile lepak skali, rase mcm dah lame kenal..haha! god bless.. :D

1408: someone who r very caring,daring,n a dedicated senior...
suka makan rojak n choki-choki..

#1408 a very happy-go-lucky person. i always admire this guy's drawings and all those creative-cute-little-thingy.dear u, i think u can do better in that particular field (design or something) well, he love to candid people, oh yeah im pretty sure of that! gosh! and this guy is a person who always try to make everybody around him smiles and happy. thanks buddy! XD

1408: he was not really a significant figure at first, but once i get to know this guy; he is not dat bad AT ALL. he LOVES to talk n gossip! a weird kiddo at times. i think he can really be a great tesl student; his english is darn gud!he reminds me of my buddy; wan. cz they talk, and act n sound alike. he can be a gud harris!n i think i like him! :) **btw i miss himoredy :(

1408: my best frenz ever...met him when he promoted me to read harry potter...same class with him (i aconcagua)...i knoe he mis me and he knoe i mis him too...he got lesung pipit yang lebih dalam sebelah kiri....tallest among us...always sponsored me nice tshirt...hehehe...i called him kiko!!!!

1408 : kat zaman sekolah lg penah dgaq nama.sbb dia masuk bila masuk uitm bru kenal dia nie mcm na.huhu petah btoi brckp.ngee ada ja cita best2.hehe ska gelak gak la.huu

1408 : a very nice n talented person..lg senior than me, he treat me as a friend. bab2 art nie, die memang terer..walawei la wa ckp lu..start kenal tym join orchestra uitm kejap..wlaupun kejap, rse cm da lme kenai..

1408 : die mmg pelik... Tp best... Sgt sopan.. Kaki kartun disney... Best kalau borak movie dgn dier..n die manja.. Manja sgt.. Haha

: 1408, you are one of my friends that i can talk about everything. you are like a brother to me. CAMWHORING is our thing! haha! ingt time he and my other friends buat suprise bday party. selalu dia akn wish bday i, tapi on that day, dia ignore i and buat bodoh ja. i was so sad. tapi bila last last dpt suprise bday party tu, SERONOK! we used to do lots of fun and crazy thing together. haha. oh. ya. I LOVE YOU. :)

1408 - player trombone yang berkarisma, saksama dan adil. o_O'' erk? haha. tadala, dia ni senior aku, yang agak rapat time skolah dlu. dia ni sempoi walaupon dia suka memaku aku time dlu dlu. haha. lagi??! err... ha. dia byk menolong aku dlu kat skolah, terima kasih ek, rindu jgk aa dgn batch dia. lama tajumpa. okay, tu je kot, selamat berjaya dengan trombone ya. :D

1408 : very sweet guy .yes u are!... always "hye2" me whenever we bumped into dari zaman skolah smpai universiti.. heeeeeee..soft-spoken and funny ~am glad that u r one of my friend!!!

1408 ; kawan, senior. seorang yang gila(gilagila). saya respek sebab terer lukis kartun yang super cute. ingat nak colek kartun yg dia lukis tu tapi x pnh ingat. haha. kreatif baik hati kuat gosip jgk. aaa cepat sikit kawen! haha. sekian :D

1408: dia nih sorang kwn yg best bg ku.. baek banget! kacak! haha.. ckp pon sedap jer dengar.. pernh tgk dia mrh skali.. takut wo0o0o.. kalu nak lepak.. kena set time la.. bg smua ada.. bru gempak and best.. planning baek2 k next time.. :)

1408 : i know u since 2004 rite?? fuyoo lama gila kowt tp kan.awek dea lawa kot dea sgt fun kot. suka melukis then suka mai tnya "azmi cantek x?" ha.. bla dea boring ja mula la nk buat mcm ni la tu la haha *****(pfft) haha tp wku pling best adalah ***** ha.. kita ja yg taw kan?? haha mgundang gila. mmg da lma knai kn?? sya mnjadi jnior anda dri sekolah smpai lani kowt. urm.. hopefully kta happy mcm tiap2 ari ya :)

1408: a good friend walaupun xrapat sgt..has nice set of teeth bila did you that?

1408: a buddy with creative hand. just give him a piece of paper with colourful pen and he'll turn it to a wonderful piece of art. admire his works. he and his wonderful girlfriend very sweet together. love them both. ♥
and and his locker at music faculty is the most decorated!!

1408 - dulu knal muka ja skarang dah knal2 tegur..peramah n friendly masa 1st time jumpa dkt open house..Nampk mcm seorg yg sgt caring n baik :)

actually i'm not interested in playing that numbers. haha
I wrote this msg so people will not send any number towards me anymore. haha
1408 : You're nice. Best Senior. Tidak sombong and easy to get know. :) You never ignore me everytime I say hye to you. :)
And 1 thing I like about u is, ur slang. .heeee
tidak berubah, and i like it. :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Hamsters =)

As some of you already know, I have got a pair of Syrian Hamsters that I call Bieber and Gomez
and on the 31st of January 2011, they have got themselves litters, or hamster pups, or in an easier way, baby hamsters =)

I don't have any names for the newborns, since I can't determine the sex just yet, but I am just so excited! =)
so here are the photos of the new family of hamsters i now own
this is where they live, for now at least, i think i need a bigger home for them,
this is Gomez and Bieber
here are the newborns

proud mommy and daddy


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

just a thought to share

Appreciate those surrounding you, those you are dear to you and even those who despise you,for it is their actions that have shaped you throughout your living years, and it will be their words that will describe you in your death.