Monday, February 14, 2011

A day With Family, Friends and Hamsters

Sunday, Feb 13th 2011

I had lunch with my sister Unaizah, brother Fadley, nephew Imran and niece Zarra. It really feels good to be around family. The kids are so cute!! and adorable! We ate at a restaurant called
Sup Utara Power which is at Section 18, Shah Alam. The food was good, and the sambal belacan was amazing! I don't any pictures of the food or the place, but I do however have pictures of Irfan and Zarra!

I went to the park later, well sort of a park, more of a field, an open field with my friends Aliyah and Syaiful, I decided to bring Gomez and Bieber along with us, since they've been inside the house, I thought that it would be nice for a little fresh air every now and then, these photos (below) were taken from Aliyah's iPod =)
-thanks yah!-

This is where we went to, photo taken from

I really had a great time!

Today also happens to be my brother, Mohamed Zakwan's 35th Birthday, so I would like to wish a very happy birthday to him, may he stay in good health and success.

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  1. We'll do it again next time. Love spending time with you too...