Wednesday, February 16, 2011

what changed?

have you ever felt so irritated
by what you can't seem to determine
what was going on
and everything around you,
being as usual as they always are,
annoys you so much that you feel 
like yelling your heart out?

then you try to distance yourself
to get away from all turbulence
but no matter how far you go
it haunts you, following you

then you start to feel like
you had no one else
nobody understands
the pain you are going through

you start feeling sorry for yourself
you start to think that you are never
good enough for others
you start to loose your self esteem
while others seems to be doing great
without you

and you'll start to blame everything
everyone everywhere
for not being there
for not saying
"everything will be alright"

but have you ever stopped?
stopped running and look at your self
and ask yourself,
"what was going on the whole time?"
what changed?
when did this happen?
and when you finally find out "why"
have you ever tried to change things?
do things differently
to help you get better
and achieve success.
let us ask ourselves,
what changed?

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