Thursday, February 25, 2010

serba serbi apa jadi lately

i am right now at studio a, room num 10
on my laptop,
using the intec wireless.
playing bubble spinner!!

 im just took my midterm studio exam,
yesterday actually
it was okay i guess..
i mean
i expected worse..

showcase 3 april!
insanity strikes!!
hopefully semua akan okay..

last week was my mid semester break
went back to as..
had lots of fun!!
but my heart was all for my studio exam

what happened during the mid sem break!

-my brother, zakwan's birthday
-spent time with my family
-went to school to practice with awie
-meet up with my friends
-band camp
-learned a few colour guard tricks
-went to my friends wedding ceremony
-took lots of pictures

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the other side of the flowery meadow

we've got to open up
our eyes, minds, and our hearts

for not everything is as
cheerful and happy as we always want them to be

we should be grateful for the rainbows and bright sunny days we have been given chance to taste,for it is the sweetness taste of life

but do not take everything as a laughing matter,for some jokes as we have see it,might have never tasted the sweet essence of laughter and sunny sunshine..

Monday, February 8, 2010


i have just realized that i have not post anything for quite sometime now is so far...normal..haha
evryday things are still the same
im stil trying to grab on hold to the fact that im siting for my diploma showcase this semester
it will be held on april..during the early, verry early period of april 2010
im scared..but i have to pull myself together and grab it!! still trying to decide what should i do for my creativity???
any ideas?
folk songs only peeps!

a lot have been happening in this so normal life of mine lately

i am right now learning how to drive a car..
illegally hahaha...and im getting quite a hang of it..
kinda cool to know that i can actually drive!!
*kesian kan?

and..i've donated my blood for the 8th time on the 4th of februsry 2010!
it was a great feeling to be able to do that..
i go t a greater feeling when i successfully convinced fazyana and marni mardiah to donate blood as well..
and it happens to be that i have my principal class on the same day
and it was amazing
i mean
i felt accepted my by "papa" to work on my cadenza!
must remember that!

lets see..
what else..
ohh...we went to see the MPO show on the 7th of february 2010..
the Children's Stories show..
it was good..
i mean, usually i will fall asleep durimg these concerts
but this time
i actually enjoyed it

while eating, i got a text message from my sister, unaizah..
she told me that she might be pregnant!!
that i might get another nephew/niece within this year!
im sooo happy to hear that!
can't wait to go spend the night at her place.
my other sister, umairah will be there too...
huhu..will bring cookies!
cant wait!

ohhh...and the bookmarks im making for my friends ar halfway done!!
hahaha..cant wait to give them to my friends..
im so happy!

and one more thing is..
two of my friends are admitted to the hospital ward yesterday
one is azim iskandar, he had an asthma attack, a bad one
he is right now in HUKM..

the other one is jasmin anis, she got denggi!!
she is in
SALAM POLIKLINIK section 19, shah alam

hope they'll both recover soon enough

and right now, i am at the computer lab,
haha..just validated my subjects..
i only knew that today was the last day for subjects validation
like a few hours ago!

well thats all for now i guess..
feels like going home and taking a bath..
or perhaps..just practice~
showcase is on its way!