Monday, April 4, 2011


Hi World, how are you  feeling today? As for me, I am feeling quite sick for the moment, not that I am complaining, in fact, I am coping rather well. You see this week, I have lots of things to complete. Today, for an example, I have a final paper, and I think I did quite well, I am feeling very much thankful for the fact that I find the paper just now, which is VOICE METHOD, is quite easy, because I haven't been spending much time studying on the subject. To add to the the things that I have to do, I am not feeling so well, so I actually sleep more last weekend, instead of studying. so that is why i feel so thankful for today's paper. and now, i should be preparing for my BEL presentation which is scheduled on Wednesday or maybe for my FORUM tomorrow. Instead, I am blogging. ZAKIAN!! FOCUS! well, I am doing this just for the sake of clearing my head. So, I think I should stop now, and get started on my presentation, which would be about how being a blood donor can benefit you.

*oh, one more thing, my face has been invaded by pimples!! ohh the stress is killing me~


  1. yes! lets do! memang la mcm xdapat apa2, but the self-satisfaction, of knowing that we can do something for others..that is just priceless