Sunday, April 24, 2011

take me there

i want to be in a place where i can do almost anything i dreamed of doing.
the place where stars shine brightly in the night sky, glittering with hope.
where everyone seems to live a life with no nothing holding their back
the perfect euphoria.

 i want to be in a place where love matters, 
where there aren't any war or blood involved
a world where you can simply walk around without having to watch your back

take me to a place where there are no worries.
nothing to make you feel upset
only joy and laughter

take me where everyone that is dear to me,
so i can live life among them
seeing them always by my side

please, can you take me there? i don't know where,  
but i would really like to be there.
is there any chance of such place in existence?
i know i am not making any sense at all,
but it would be wonderful

seriously, i have to open my eyes, and stop daydreaming.

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