Monday, December 24, 2012

Durian Crepe!

I feel in love with the awesome taste of Durian crepe!!
The soft texture and the rich taste!! huaa!! can't get enough of them!!
I bought my Durian crepe from my dear friends Amanina Alwani and her boyfriend =)
They are selling this delicious Durian crepe for only RM10 per pack!
each pack consists of 6 pieces of Durian crepe.

I have linked their facebook profile above. So if you feel like ordering you know where to click.
Come on! place your order now! Contact Alwani and Firdaus.

If you are interested you can contact them on facebook at these links

You can also contact Firdaus directly at this number

Firdaus and Alwani =)


  1. cm ne nk order?COD ke ape ke?teringin nk mkn sbb x penah mkn lg..

  2. Awak boleh contact Alwani atau Firdaus. Buat tempahan dan nanti bila dah siap dorg akan contact awak untuk delivery. Deal dengan dorg laa. Rasanya boleh COD

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