Friday, July 31, 2009


i couldn't sleep..
its a hot night!im sweating
is this due to the fact that i ate durians earlier?!!

starring blankly at the ceiling made me think...

isn't it wierd how things around us
can affect our emotion and feelings..

it could be something as small as a flea
or as big as an elephant..

it could be the stories we read while waiting for the bus..
or songs we listened on the radio while driving the car..

it could be the movie we watched with our friends..
or the same dream we've having few nights in a row..

maybe its a place we passed by that reminds us of a distant past or memory..

maybe its a phone call from someone u thought of in the morning..

maybe its a tragedy you heard on the news while having breakfast at the cafe..

how can a compliment from someone you admire make you smile?

how can a handwritten messages you found on a book you borrowed make you realize something?

how can plate of cheese and pasta make you feel about yourself?

its wierd how this could happen..
but i guess that its just how it is..

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