Sunday, August 2, 2009

arrgghh!!! need to connect

i've just realized that i really need constant internet connection!!
what have happened to me??!!!
i am just addicted to the internet!am i no longer human?!

i am in shah alam now..
and my other housemates have arrived to fill my life once again
hooraay to that!


as soon as i arrived to shah alam
which is on the 1st of august..
i have a practice session for
an event for that someone's wife's graduation ceremony i don't really care much about..
so i went to dsb...

after that
me and her..and the others went to putrajaya!!!
there is a sort of floral festival.
it was fun
here's some photos i have of the festival

this is supposed to be an octupus

but i think i hurt her feelings a little.
it has been a while...
everything is nothing but okay now...

p.s - i wished we have gone there when there's more must be much more colorful if we did..

well tomorrow is the day of the ceremony..
hope it goes well

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