Friday, August 7, 2009


im awake
gazing at the dark satin night sky...
sewn with thousands sparkling diamonds of the night..
circling the glow of the giant pearl, the moon

my head is asking questions...
im not sure how to answer..
about choices to make
about what i want..
and what i need..

guide me to what is right..
not to what is easy..
cause what is easy is normally
more complicated than what is right.

how crappy can i get..
gosh im tired..
lots to do..
not much time to spare,,

staring blankly at the night sky at a time like this...
is just....relaxing...makes me a bit calm..

well that is just how life is...
despite how beautiful it could be..
there will always be a catch...

im not really sure what is my point here
so i should back off for now

ps - i am currently addicted to sorority life on facebook

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