Wednesday, August 5, 2009


its just a normal day today..
as normal as any other day..
but..i sort of have a realization..
how i am thankful of all the things i've achieved in life so far..
Thank You Allah swt.
thank you for
my parrents
my grandparrents
my brothers
my sisters
my cousins
my aunts
my uncles
my nieces
my nephew
my love
my friends
my classmates
my schoolmates
my neighbours
my teachers
the usual faces i see in my daily life
my pets
the trees
the water
the air
the food and drinks
the sound
the sight
the touch
the happiness
the sadness
the anger
the emotions i've felt
the enemies
the choices
the mistakes
the luck
the education
the boredom
the books
the art
the internet
the heart breaks
and much much more
as you can see..
i have an average life
it is not perfect
but thats just how life is..
filled with imperfection..
for us to be thank for..
and so we could put our best effort
to try and achieve the most perfect of lives we could manage to grab
thank you.

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