Monday, August 17, 2009

caught in the momment~

we share something
that none other does
there's a bond sso strong
nothing can break us
because we share..
because we trust..

nobody knows
what we talked about
no one understands
what's on our twisted minds
and the way we think
it's just us...

it's unexplainable
what we were all about
it's more that just unbelievable
we know that
were miserable
most of the times
but deep in our hearts
we understand
that we are nothing
but a strange miracle

the fun we had
and the times we shared
are just as precious
as the tears we shed

that was then
and now we've grown
we are far apart
but the bond we share
we nurture and care

may this friendship
last till the end of time

*mengarut gila..jumpak benda ni among my old stuff..hahaha

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