Tuesday, November 17, 2009


i miss my times with my brother and sisters, a lot..
even when im the youngest and the age difference between me and them is kinda huge..
i love them..i really wish i could get to know them even deeper..get really close to them..it's sort of stupid to realize this now..after 21 years of not paying enough attention..haha..idk..watching my friends and how close the bond between them and their siblings are..kinda make me jealous..how they share secrets..happiness..sadness..stories..even clothes..not that we don't do all those things..we do...i was just wondering how nice it would've been if all those started even earlier.. and i guess spending most of my times watching charmed and supernatural just gives me more reason to feel this way..(stupid..i know..)

haha..whatever it is..i know i love them and i'm sure they love me back as much!well they better be loving me all they can..or i'll start a riot!hahaha

adik sayang kakak, nana, and kak umey!

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  1. I love you too. Always did, always have and always will....