Wednesday, November 11, 2009

is ignorance a bliss??

do ever get that feeling when u feel like the world have turned it's back on u and it never want to look back? well this is nothing like that..but..sort of a little bit alike..u see there is there are a few that i know..they kinda vanished..u know like MIA..i dont know what happened..we use to be quite close..but suddenly *poff* they're replies to any form of contact i tried to make..was is something i did or say? cause i clearly don't me its okay if u want to throw the friendship away just like it was nothing but a useless piece of junk..i guess i can live with that even though i am one of those who cherish friendship more that anything..but could u at least give me a reason so that i can understand?its better to let me know that just practically ignore me in every way possible..i mean..aren't u tired?

and there are some cases where a particular "best friend" who did something wrong to u and never learned their lesson until something bad happens..gosh..u should really grow up man..stop acting stupid..there are always other ways to grab attention.

i mean..u did it to me few times and i still forgive for that up to some point where i have had it with u..but if u really know me..i am wiiling to forgive u again and accept u as u are if u are willing to take actions on ur stupid behavior and change..but u didn't and instead u avoided me and pretend like nothing have happened and go befriends with others only to repeat the same stupid don't blame others for what u got..u deserved that for playing with the sharks..

u know what..u deserve worse than that..sucker!

payah toi la org org mcm ni..

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