Saturday, November 14, 2009


i can't wait

to The Twilight Saga : New Moon
to get back to Alor Setar
to see my Mama and Papa
to play with my 3 darling Nieces
to have a perfect class reunion from both schools that i went to~
to be done with studying
to have lots of pets again
to draw and color
to get my own job
to earn my own money
to get my own driving license
to get my own car
to drive on my own
to be able to pick up my friends instead
to finish my watching my favorite series
to live in my own apartment
to make my family proud
to spend my time with my friends
to become someone successful
to be hapily married
to bear beautiful children
to grow old with the one i love
to spoil my grandchildren
to live a wonderful life

this could go on a looonng way
i don't even see a pint to this post..
accept for the first one..
cause that as the thing i really wanted to write about
instead i wrote this what-i-want-to-do list

*hoping high for number one!

-mengarut toi la post ni-

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