Thursday, November 19, 2009

living my life one day at a time~

i was at home
watching a movie
on the screen of my "tv"
while my friends drift away in their dreams

yeah..its nothing much
just the usual things i do..
wasting my sleep
for something as cheap

my life used to be filled with
much much more than this
it might not be as important
but..less responsibility
makes it more fun i guess

i was closer to home
where my parents are
it felt safe
living with them
but a have to admit
they wont be there forever

well..on my three days getaway..
kept me thinking about this
it was when i saw my mom.
and how much she has aged..
it getting more obvious..

and my dad..with his ear problems
and his aching tooth..
gets me worried..
and the problems on his head..
they don't help much..

with me living away
i know that they spend a lot for me
i really want to earn my own money
to lessen their burden..
i think that with me earning money
they could be a little relieved..
those three girls at home
someone has got to feed them
and get them to school

i just hope that there is
something i am able to do to help
right now

aihh..maybe i shouldn't worry too much
i know that is exactly what my dad would be saying
if he ever read this

well maybe he's right
i should live my days
one day at a time
and just hope that
things will fall into place

but this doesn't mean
that i will stop worrying
cause that's just what i do
i think too much
just like you~

i love you
mama and papa


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