Saturday, November 28, 2009


hah!at last..i get to connect to the internet!
it has been a while since i go online
basically it is due to the fact that
the wireless network we used to hack into where to be detected
most probably the owner went back for raya haji
or semester break~

the Shh..Listen Diploma Showcase 2009
is done!!
it was great!fantastic..
and to me..sort of emotional..
seeing my brothers and sisters on that stage
seems to get the best of me..
hahah..and all the drama..


with the end of diploma showcase
begins the practice session for the wind orchestra competition
and me continuing on my charmed marathon!
im down at season 3 now!

and the best part ever!!

i'm absorbed into that movie screen
that night at  GSC IOI Mall Puchong


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