Saturday, January 2, 2010

i see 3D!! did i?

i just got back from watching AVATAR 3D
with my friends...they were 10 of us..
it was superb!!
they who have bot seen must see quick!


i mean seriously..
the graphic is wonderful
the story was good..
the music beautiful.
the characters are alive

what more could you ask for?

even though my emotions
aren't really all up for it..for obvious reasons some might say..
and  i wasn't as uplifting as i always were at the movies
i still manage to actually enjoy the movie through it all.

so..i say u should go see AVATAR!
it's worth it

maybe it was because it felt like i went to the movie all alone
since you seem to have not realize that i was there the whole time
go ahead and ignore me all you want

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