Sunday, January 17, 2010

happily ever after

everyone is familiar
with such stories of
a beautiful princess
and the handsome prince

as the story usually goes,
the prince shall seek for
the hand of his princess,
and the princess shall for
for her knight in shinning armor
to come rescue and swept her
off her feet.

within the stories,
magical quests
monsters and dragons
evil witches
pixies and fairies
are nothing but common details

after searching far and wide,
dwelling the most horrifying of beasts
shall a true love's kiss
be set upon the lovers lips
and they'd end up happily ever after..

this is the general idea that have been inserted
into the many many fairy tales around the world
for thousands of years.

you ask any boy and they'd say
they want to be the hero and saves the girl
and the girls will say that
they've been dreaming of a prince
riding on a magnificent white horse.
and tell me, who on earth would turn away from
the idea of happily ever after?

but, does anyone truly
understands the meaning oh the phrase?
"happily ever after"
what does it means?

is it being eternally happy
and free from other emotional forms?
or does it mean differently?
or is it nothing but a phrase?

i mean..
does it really ends there?
or is it a beginning of something new?

should there be more
after the dragons and evil step-mothers?

to my thinking
"happily ever after" means "married life"
which is a whole new beginning
of something much much more
something extraordinary
 the new dwells would be
the hardship of raising a family

do u agree wih me?

i mean..
financial crisis
diaper change
teenage riot

all above
is but another form of
some kind of quest itself is it not?

a quest yet to be discovered
by the prince and princess
right after "and they lived happily, ever after"


ps..just something i wrote during class

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