Monday, January 11, 2010

It's...Kablam! Dabush!

i went to watch the Whoa Willow musical theater
u friends are involved with the orchestra
and i've got one free ticket..

here is what Whoa Willow is about...

Title :
Whoa! Willow!! an Original Musical
Venue :
Auditorium DBKL
Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Raja Laut
Kuala Lumpur

the storyline
The story revolves around a young, buoyant man named Willow. In Willow's world, anyone who doesn't fall in love by thirty will be affected by the JooJoo and dies. Therefore, the people in Willow's world are obsessed with falling in love and getting married (since it's crucial to avoid death). At the early part of this story, people only know that there's a law that requires them to marry by the age of 30. Since the law has been followed so long, it became a culture, and has never been broken. But since marriage is forced upon the society, it became a "tool" so divorce cases are at large. Willow, is a victim of this dark chain reaction (his parents divorced and left him when he was still an infant), making him despise and hate the law. This is a tale of his quest to rid this world of the law and to right the wrong.

Artistic Director: Assoc. Prof. Kamran S. Ali
Director:  Mohd Adlan Ramly

Written by: Mohd. Adlan Ramly ,Ana Nur Hidayah & Muhammad Afiq Dharma

it was okay..
i mean..the music was nice..
the acting was good..
but the singing could be worked on a bit more..
the dancing was fun!!

it was great..
to see UiTM students organizing something like this..
different faculties working together..

who knows we are capable of such things..
i enjoyed it..

hope to see more of these kinds of production in the future!

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