Thursday, January 7, 2010


Today is the day i've been waiting for..
the day to meet up with my sister~

so i woke up at about 11 am,
watched an episode of supernatural
bathe and off i go to get a cab
*damned cab!! u took RM13.80 from me just like that!!!!!!!!!

got to the Shah Alam KTM station..
and get the one way ticket to MidValley
it took a while for the train to arrive..

meet up with my sister in front of the MidValley BR outlet..

went to get her stuff..
and we went to eat!!
Shushi King!!

as you can see in the photo
we ate a lot!!
and we had fun..
i got my new bag that she bought for me in Genting
i love it..
a bit girlish i guess..
kinda metrosexual
but i like it.
verry spacious..
thanks sis!
<3 ya!!

at got to get back to Shah Alam aound 5pm.
it wasn't easy..
cause she's going back to our eldest sister's place.
wish i could tag along..
i've 'simfoni kasih' to attend

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