Thursday, December 31, 2009

bancha is in the house!!

so..bancha have decided to spend the last day of 2009 with us here in shah alam!!
that makes my heart jump with joy!

im happy!!
i really am

i was kinda hoping
for azman iejad and rohaizam
to be here as well

iejad had to go back to pahang
rohaizam is as bussy as always
and azman haven't left kedah yet

so there's me azam munir and bancha

although munir has been hooked by the "kamibudakcomel" network

it is sort of satisfying to know that the four of us are here together for the new year celebrations!

ohh wait..munir wont be here..he's off to melaka with his family
ohh well...we understand..who doesn't need a family getaway right? bancha and azam..\decided to go out for a drink
to spend some times talking..
like we used to..
it was fun..we ad a nice verry-early-in-the-morning walk too!!

talked about stuff only we understands!

i <3 you guys!!

*iejad is still comming later on!i can't wait!!

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