Thursday, December 10, 2009

home once again..bliss

im home..
thats right..
alor setar it is!
it feels great to be home!

especially after the hectic weeks of wind orchestra practice..
and the trip to johor for the competition..
finally..a reward!

so the results were
we (UiTM) got the 2nd place..
it worth it you know..
i mean..after only 2 weeks of practice..
and all the dramas we went through..
it seems fair enough..
i mean SDAR was good..
i admit it..
the result of practicing for the whole of 2009..
well most of 2009..and the results were fantastic..
good job SDARIANS

the trip was fun..
i mean..the food was great!

the exchange program with the band from
singapore was great too!
i get to make new friends..
i just hoped that we had prepared something mora proper..
maybe next time..

so..that was it so far..
will upload pics later kayh..

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