Tuesday, December 29, 2009

childhood memories~

i went to wath the disney movie,
the proncess and the frog the othre day with lily
it was a fun movie to watch
it has been a long time since disney come up with a @d movie..
i've always loved disney's 2d movies.

watching this movie..
reminded me of a childhood dream i've always had since i was little
this particular dream, i suspect, is due to the fact that
i love to daydream, and that all the comic books and cartoons get into my head

you see..
in the movie, the lead female character, Tania
had a dream that she shared with her late father
the dream was to open their own restaurant..

i've always wanteed to own my own cafe..
in my imagination,
my cafe would be a place in the city
a corner lot to be exact
with an outdoor area
it would be cozzy and home-like

it will be an escuse for pple to get away
from the hectic life in the big city

whenever ppl walk into the cafe
they will cath the scent of fresh brewed coffee..
and they will notice how the color of the cafe
is warm and welcoming..
the pictures and paintings on the walls,
sunlight that came through the window..
no one could resist!
they just have to enter to ease tha pain of city life

in the cafe
i will serve
pastries, cakes, bunns, cupcakes, doughnuts,
coffe, tea, hot chocolate, and all of the sort!!

books and comics
for customer to read
sofa for reading

english style decoration

a stage, outdoor..
small..for accoustic performances
maybe open mic nights

perhaps there will be a piano inside

in the corner
fresh flowers will be available

there will be a table
a special one
for whenever my friends decied to stop by
or my family members came to visit
that table will be theirs,
so that we can cath up on our gossip!

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