Wednesday, July 20, 2011

troubled mind

i havent been updating this blog for a while now. i guess it is because i was so caught up with my school band. that i have no time to check up on my feelings. now that marching season is over, i feel like i have nothing to do. boredom kicks in and i start to think. and now that i have think, i realized that, i have treated a lot of people in a wrong way. and the best part is, most of the time i didn't even realize i was doing it. and that thought disturbs me.

but then again, i am just a guy. i am one normal human being, i am not perfect, so please give me room to make mistakes, don't expect too much from me, because i can't stand the pressure of letting people down. please forgive me. for doing the wrong things in life, but at least i can learn from them. with the wrongs i've done, i can see things from a better view, and try to mend my ways.

is it wrong to not be the perfect person everyone thinks you are?

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