Monday, July 25, 2011

an attempt

this is an attempt to try and post something that people would actually read, as i have already known for quite a long time now, nobody really reads this blog, i don't blame them though,  there is nothing much to read anyway. this is because, i don't go and do exciting things all the time, i don't have awesome photos to share with the world, i am not a famous guy with gossips and controversies tied around my neck, i don't have the ability to sing and post my video for people to listen to, and i don't know how to write my entries to make them sound as if it were copied out from a book or something like that.

but i don't really care, because i am happy with this life of dull as it may be, it has managed to shape me and allow me to actually write this post. i love my life as hurtful and as amazing it could get, as it has been and as it will be. in this gray life of mine, i have found so many colorful people and experience a lot of wonderful things that have taught me valuable lessons. i have learned to love, hate, respect, remember, and work myself through it all.

okay so it seems that this post is getting no where in particular. just something that crossed my mind at the moment of boredom, as an attempt to escape bored-ness and trying to get my self sleepy enough to go to bed.

so, till next boredom, see ya~

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