Saturday, August 20, 2011

"you're a man!"

"you're a man!"

that was what my cousin marwan said to me after two years of not seeing each other. yes indeed, a lot have changed, i mean he himself is all grown 
up. and his sister sara, is practically a lady now.

it has been two years since they last visited us in Malaysia. and seeing them after two years made me realize even more that a lot have changed since then.

and when marwan said what he did, i was like, yeah.. i am a man now. being the yougest child, i have been so used to the term boy or kid, that i have sort of forgotten that i am 23 years old now. thats huge!

i just hope that with this age, comes a sense of maturity. i mean. i have to be able to think like a grown up now. but somehow i don't feel all that ready. am i really that much left behind? am i that much childish? am i acting like a 23 year old? or at least how a 23 year old should act like? im scared.

anyways, here are some photos that we took on marwan's camera the other day.

all photos are from my cousin's facebook


  1. Oh my!!! Besaq dah depa dua orang....and that makes me feel soooooo old!!!! Kakak tak dan nak jumpa depa pun. Auntie ada call tp they got plans and esok tu dah nak fly home. Auntie tried to squeeze time to meet us tp tak jadi gak.

  2. tu la...marwan is 16 and sara is 20. sara dah abes degree, marwan tgh buat a levels kot. tp mmg besaq dah depa dua.. haha.. lama gila tak jumpak.. dok sembang pasai dulu2.. banyak benda yg depa ingat that i have forgotten about. seronok pulak

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