Monday, August 15, 2011

23. Years of Happy Living

August 14th 2011, 
my 23rd birthday!
i am so thankful to Allah swt. for letting me live this long. 
and thank you so much for all the birthday wishes i've received.
be it text messages, facebook wall posts, facebook chat, phone calls, face to face wishes, tumblr askbox.

thank you mama, papa, nana, amirah, athirah and adilah for the lovely bukak puasa at home. and the cake! is awesome!
and to my sisters, unaizah and umairah for the wishes!

and thank you to banchakorn. ruhiezad, azman, iswadi and zulfadhli for the lovely sahur session, and also to the cake that you have got me =D

 thank you to my sweetheart nor liyana for the surprise birthday present that i have not yet received, but is excited to!!

and last but not least, thank you for jasmin anis for the ice cream treat! =D

by the way, this is ikhwan, sahc band junior. we share the same birthday! he is now 15, and i am...well 23. happy birthday to us both!


  1. Nice entry!!! Once again - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Can't wait to go home for Eid.

  2. thank you! =D can't wait for all of you to get here!! mesti meriah sangat!

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