Monday, July 19, 2010

trying to grab hold of the situation

"Ras - merujuk kepada kelompok manusia yang mempunyai ciri-ciri persamaan dari segi fizikal, warna kulit, sifat biologi...."

aihh..somehow i can't seem to absorb the fact that i am actually writing all those crap in my note book..i mean..i was supposed to be done with school, classes etc etc...
but here i am anyway writing notes into my book..educational notes that is..=)

yep..this can only mean one thing..i have decided to actually further my studies to a whole new level..
as some may know..i am now a bachelor in music education student..and i am proud of that fact!!
although its back to waking up early in the morning, wearing formal wear on mondays, and having to see the security guards everyday, i actually am, honestly, very much indeed, excited to start being a student again!!

truth be told..i really miss my times on genting highlands..but..i have to think about my future right?
haha..well..classes have started, and is going well so far..i actually enjoy writing and scribbling notes on pieces of paper..hahaha...*rasa pandai~ i really hope that this feeling will go on till the end of my degree course!

well..thats it for now..
because i am actually in my classroom waiting for our lecturer who seemed to be missing for the last hour..and im starting to get tired of waiting im gonna leave..
till next time =)

-mental note to self - post something on the recent Natcomp =)


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