Sunday, July 25, 2010

one of those sleepless nights

i am not able to sleep...
although i know i have to..
one of the many reasons for me to do so is..
because i've got to go to "Modul LDK" tomorrow
i really don't feel like it but i have to anyway
aih..UiTM..why must you do this to us???
anyways..i cant seem to get any sleep
probably, its due to the fact that i have slept the whole afternoon..
so i cant seem to close my eyes now..
so i feel a little inspired to do some drawing..
here are my works of this sleepless night
some of the many Malaysian school bands
the color guards from Kedah, Sasband, Keat Hwa Band & Sahc Band =)
thanks for reading =)

honestly i think rhis blog is not that mych worth reading
but im keeping it anyway =))


  1. What a coincidence,...kakak pun wrote something about tak leh tidoq / susah nak tidoq at night. Well, great minds think alike I guess...

  2. hahaha..kan kak..great minds, in this case, related by blood, always think alike..almost always.. =)

    nelly : thank u..