Thursday, June 24, 2010


it has been a while since i post anything at all here..and a lot have happened..i have a draft that concludes everything..but its not yet done..i will post it some other time..

right now.i am feeling scared and so damn happy when i found out that i have completed my diploma program..and i think, my pointer isn't that bad after all

but the thing is,im not sure if i am ready to further my studies to the next level of not sure whether this is what i really want..i mean..what if i screw up? what would i do then? what would my parents feel? im just not that all talented like my friends, im not that bright..

but,  what would i do..if i didn't continue my studies?with the career world right now, education certs are damn important....i am really really scared..what do i do?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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