Thursday, January 17, 2013


Earlier today someone thanked me for helping her. I was totally clueless because I was at home the whole day and I have not met anyone except my housemates. Then she clarified that she was going through a phase and while she was going through my tumblr page, she saw something that I have wrote a long time ago on the sidebar. She said that reading that helped her to calm down.
So I have decided to share it with all you who actually reads my blog.

"there comes a time in life..
a time in which you would have to decide..
either to live for others..
or to live for your own sake..

i could be a brief period..
it could last a long while..

just know it in your heart..
that it is never wrong..
to satisfy your many desires..
but it is also crucial to cherish others..
for being there when the last person
you should ever trust is YOU."

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