Wednesday, January 23, 2013


"There is a Pinocchio in each and everyone of us."

Do you know why I said that?
Have you ever heard the story of Pinocchio?
I'm sure most of you have. and for those who haven't, the story is about a wooden puppet boy who dream of becoming a real human boy. A fairy told him that all he had to do for his dreams to come to be was to never tall a lie and always tell the truth. As much as he tried to do the right thing, he fell to his own temptations and lied.

Do you know what happened in the end? The thing is, his dreams came true after all. Of course for that to happen he had to feel really sorry for what he did, and the fairy gave him a second chance, and that do something to correct his wrongs, own up to his mistakes.

But don't you think that's what life is all about? Making mistakes, realizing them, and doing things right.
We all are Pinocchios. Don't you think?

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